Friday, September 21, 2018


My chicken recipie

For 1 kg

Laung (4)
Onion (3)
Tomato (2)
Lehson (2 Tablespoon)
Adrak(2 Tablespoon)

Put all the above in a mixer grinder AND MAKE A SMOOTH PASTE.

Bay leaf (1)
Laung (4)
Onion (3)
Tomato (2)
Put all the above in oil and fry starting with bay leaf as first

Add the paste to oil and cook till ready
At the end put all the chicken and cook till soft.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Why ?

Why is it that there are Grays in life 
The grays we never spoke about
Why is it that we do what we are not suppose to do 
The things that make us hide about
Why is it that we question nature
The things that are meant to be accepted
Why is it that we think what we are not suppose to think about
Don’t imaginations have a control
Why is it that we are impractical 
On the things which are suppose to care about 
And why is it that there are so many unanswered questions 
The answers of which are self answered

Still we choose to lie about 

Close by

I don’t know where can we be 
I don’t know where will we be 
I don’t know where should we be 
All I know is that we shall be together 
And that you shall know all 
Where are you 
Close by ? 
Why can I not have you around 
Why can I not feel you with me 
Where are you lost 
My fear of not finding you is so much 
Come closer to me 
Sit close by 

And we shall merry together 


I love the way you live in me 
Without making me loose the grip on you 
Without making me feel that 
You aren’t real
I wish I could feel you right beside me 
Sitting next to me and that 
I could talk to you for hours 
Without any doubt 
I hope you are doing good
Wherever you are
Because till I meet you 
Or till you cross my path 
You need to be taken care of 
As you would be the sparkle in my darkness .

I love you .. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Simple Pulao Inspiration to start writing today !

After a long time !
Ingredients : Brown rice + Green Beans+ Potato+ carrot + Spices+ Chilli

1/2  cup of brown rice
1 Large potato
6 pieces of Beans - Suit your taste here upto a max of 12 pieces  (I am not a green veggie lover)
1 Carrot
1/2 tablespoon Haldi / Turmeric powder
1/2 Tablespoon Jeera / Cumin Seeds
1/2 Tablespoon Melted ghee ! (MELTED Mind it Since we wana stay healthy)
1 or 2 pieces of Chilli - Suiting your taste

Now Quickly heat a cooker with the ghee and put in  Chilli chopped with Jeera /cumin seeds.
After 5 minutes of frying the cumin seeds to  slightly red , add the veggies and rice.

For water measurement - Keep it simple - Use the same container used for rice - For half a cup of Rice add 1.5 cups the same water as the veggies need to be cooked.

Pressure cook the same for 3 whistles on medium heat and then lower down the flame to minimum and cook for another 5 minutes.

Please note- There are different varieties of Brown rice available in the market and they would need different cooking timings.
Please follow the same accordingly or check with people who use any specific brand to help you cook perfectly!

Thanks to my EX- Roomie - Neha Rawat ! 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

‘Déjà vu’ - A Sneak Peek

I still remember the day I  was leaving India for Berlin for my exchange programme ,My brain too sleepy to board the midnight flight while my nerves rushed with excitement and curiosity ..Looking forward to learn and explore the new land awaiting me roughly 10 Hours away!
"Hitlers, Nazis, Concentration Camps, Tear-Gas” were words in History I had mugged scratching my head during school days. The excitement was unexplainable!
I landed in Berlin and received a warm welcome from my officially assigned Korean buddy Ingo Duelwebber who had visited Alliance University as an exchange Student and fallen in love with the Indian Culture.
The journey was way too tiring and happening than expected! I was given a map of the city metro lines...Which seemed Latin to me since I had never pronounced such words before! So here it comes -- "Deutsch" or "German" the language welcomed me !
Things settled down gradually in my assigned pretty flat and loads of housework and legal formalities followed in the first week .These minute things taught me how to be responsible for even the uncounted stuffs in our daily life!
Germans are known to be perfectionists and punctual by nature and profession! This killed me in the first few weeks and gradually, with my German study mates, I never realized how this culture made me a part of itself.

Coming down to academics and internship, my interaction with my fellow bachelor classmates, who were exchange students from all over the world, during my initial German course days was so different! Each day I had a new person to know...a new language to hear...and not to forget the long discussions we had together about their culture and stuffs with coffee and muffins (Germany is known for great bakes too!  )
This initial phase rushed away & was followed by my core subject classes which took place with full time Masters Students in Berlin School of Economics And Law. .The subjects that I had, involved a lot of group activity, paper submissions, exams and interaction with the professors! I observed during my course how the German education system works. They loved discussions and topics which involved serious political issues from around the globe. During a presentation with my study  group mates from Lebanon, Africa and Pakistan certain frictions cropped up since the audience involved people from all over the globe who gradually became aggressive to stick to their points of view ...I guess this had been the most difficult situation I had ever faced as a student .. But that’s where the challenge was!  We managed to sail through together, turning grins into casual smiles and finally bagged in the highest marks for the paper of Business Ethics. The vigorous Group and individual activities involved writing Thesis or compilation of final papers to be submitted at the end of semester for the chosen subjects. This was an all round and crisp approach of the professors to get an insight of how much input we, as students are capable of giving when it comes to restriction - free thought flow .It was not only a creative system of education but also helped the students cover up the entire subjects chosen few weeks before the final exam papers.
My interaction with Professor Gert  Bruche during my internship made me understand the corporate culture of Germany. He helped me dig into new unexplored ventures. Guest lecturers from various companies in Germany took over few sessions giving us insights of how specifically the Human resource field functions there practically. Soon exams and paper submissions lined up in the last month of the semester, and I was given a set of rules and regulations to be followed. I gasped my way to reach my professors' expectations.

"So ShweDa, When do we start our Euro trip together?" and that’s how it started... mind it the "D" is not a mistake...but was a temporary Name change by my Singaporean pal Wan Ching Huang continuously for more than a week during my stay.
It all started after the study stress was over... we planned to travel across the German States of Hamburg, Cologne, The Sleeping Beauty Castle of Fussen , Financial hub of Germany - Frankfurt, Munich  and off  to Czech Republic, the 'Old Town' lanes of Prague, orthodox church views, Poland, Spain, Madrid, Granada, Barcelona, Leon, Portugal, the beautiful port and varied sea-food of Lisbon And not to forget how we fell for  The Eiffel Tower and Disneyland of Paris where there was "Disney in the Air" for us in the City of Love !
Together we dived into varied cuisines, culture and loads of discovery of places ranging from  Antoni  Gaudis’ wonderful architecture in Spain to a sweet time along the white sand beaches watching the blue sea  ... the  perfect Post-Exam Destinations  ... :)

“Déjà vu “ used in the title of this article ,is a word from French which literally means "already seen,relating to the phenomenon of believing an event or experience that has occurred in the past,a false sense of familiarity .It signifies queer instances where i felt of having already Germany before i landed there. However to live is to experience new things and not sit still pondering the meaning of life .Obviously not everyone needs to cross Asia and see the seas to be contented and live life. True happiness lies where one feels belonged. 
While the temporary refuge from my land added on to new experiences and learning... an abstract attraction pulled me back to India each evening I spent away from my colleagues and family!
In a nutshell the international exchange programme to Berlin School of Economics And Law not only contributed educationally but also brought a lot of changes in my personality with a pinch of entertainment. During the travel I often wondered how good it is to be a little kid, feeling the blood flowing in my veins and my eyes glitter at the sight of crowded new places, smell of good food and the feeling of getting away soon from the prolonged study stress!
Now I am back from Germany to my own people and college and have memories of Berlin its beauty and the things it imbibed in me...

I thank my Professors and colleagues  for their continuous support and my college for molding me towards a brighter future.
Also much love and thanks to my readers :) have a good time !!

Saturday, September 7, 2013


I made this cake on 5th september !!
it was extremely Awful !! hahahha !! because I overcooked it!! do watch the video for a nice belly laugh !!
though I wanted to upload this picture because  I loved the way I decorated it :) hope you would like it too !! 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Each Individual Has Their Own Importance !

An Indian legend tells of a man who carried water to his village every day, in two large jars tied to the ends of a wooden pole, which he balanced on his back. One of the jars was older than the other, and had some small cracks; every time the man covered the distance to his house, half of the water was lost. For two years, the man made the same journey. The younger jar was always very proud of its performance, safe in the knowledge that it was up to the mission it had been made for, while the other jar was mortified with shame at only fulfilling half of its allotted task, even though it knew that those cracks were the result of many years hard work. It was so ashamed that one day, while the man got ready to fetch water from the well, it decided to speak to him: – I want to apologize, but because of the many years of service, you are only able to deliver half of my load, and quench half of the thirst which awaits you at your home. The man smiled, and said: – When we return, observe carefully the path. And so it did. And the jar noticed that, on its side, many flowers and plants grew. – See how nature is more lovely on your side? – commented the man. – I always knew you were cracked, and decided to make use of this fact. I planted flowers and vegetables, and you have always watered them. I have picked many roses to decorate my house with, I have fed my children with lettuce, cabbage and onions. If you were not as you are, how could I have done that? “All of us, at some point, grow old and start to acquire other qualities. We can always make the most of each one of these new qualities and obtain a good result.”

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winter Morning Blues...

One fine winter..i wake up to feel a blocked nose,with a heavy head,and no pinch of freshness..i badly want to fall back into the dreamy sleep world,away from all the feelings of practicality..just a temporary refuge from reality.I wonder if life could have been as easy as it seems to be while we are asleep.I take my toothbrush lazily and brush my teeth..only to make my teeth fresh...because i know there is no scope of me getting extreme freshness...the feeling of falling back into sleep world is overwhelmingly mind and heart,i so badly want to get into the warm blanket..away from the biting cold..away from water...uurrrggghhhhh...but that's not possible..m called for waiting for me with love..and moreover what interests me is the food..somehow ...i feel fresh temporarily...i hog...half asleep...listening to what people surrounding me are talking...because till now i am not fully in my parents seem like dreamy creatures to me..n i just know that m eating....and they r talking..i don't have the ability to listen and register any of the talks..M just so deceased with the sleep.The chilling marble floor touching my feet,i am just so lazy to slip into my shorts accompanied with the worlds biggest mismatched cots wool top of ma dad..i look like a its best with a little life in it.Breakfast is over..n i am happy that i can sleep again in the warm my room with orange curtains..making the early morning bright yellow sunlight tinged with orange..i go back to my room..with the freshness of falling asleep all over again,i so much love this rescue..the warmth of the blanket waiting for me to come to my bed lazily..away from the chilly morning breeze.I slip into my bed,and cover myself,it takes around 5 minutes for me to feel the warmth of the blanket since the cold outside has punctured whatever senses was left with me early morning..ahhh i so much love eyes closed...tightly holding the blanket and my nose peeping out just to breathe and stay alive..i just wish i could put that too under the blanket..but i would suffocate instead of sleeping.I slowly start falling back into the dreamy world,my mind was getting numb..and i could feel half of the numbness since i was still a little awake.. and there comes the maid...full of energy..barges into the room..accompanied by my mother..and..i am back to my senses.I realize now i am wide awake..with the shock of her barging in and fidgeting with stuffs to keep them properly.My mum calling my name..i Open my eyes wide now..feel the irritation deep within my heart .y head throbbing..and i could feel the head-beat..instead of heart - beat.Now to serve the cake with a topping..the maid opens the curtains..and windows..the orange light is no longer there..i can see the harsh sunlight asking me to wake up so cruelly..uurrggghhh...I am wide mum around me..and her favourite maid around her.